Cousley & Company

  • Entrepreneurs are savvy-minded forward thinkers, game-changers and creative innovators pushing the envelope. Entrepreneurs are full of drive, determination, strength, and resilience. They use their meticulous minds and sharp wits every minute of every day. They create their own jobs and live by their own rules, they turn ideas into empires and make an exponential positive impact in the world around them. These are the people I work with. And my goal is to help these people – people like you – accomplish great things. Each and every day.
  • My name is Fabian, and I am a serial entrepreneur and consultant with around 30 years of extensive experience. I am also an avid traveller that has visited over 35 countries. Through travel, I’ve expanded my perspectives and stretched my reality. Travel allows me to understand new opportunities and broaden my horizon. My mission is to help other entrepreneurs to reach greater goals of wealth, freedom and social impact. That last one is important. I’m obsessed with the pursuit of for-profit business that simultaneously makes a positive change in the world.
  • Thirty years of being an entrepreneur are quite a ride. In 1991 my journey began with Jockn, an urban fashion apparel clothing and accessories line, but what caught all my attention through the rest of the decade was the music industry. In 1994 I founded ISD Music, an independent record label for new artists, following by a partnership with Independent Vinil, getting me into the world of vinyl, and later CD production at a mass-scale. My love for hip-hop music also made me develop and launch in 2004 “906 Music App” which provided music streaming service for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices. My determination got me in 2002 into other areas of manufacturing, creating projects such as MugsnStuff based on promotional items, and ten years later for kitchen appliances and lighting accessories.
  • In 2016 I started my life path as an advisor co-funding NestnFly, a non-profit org to support urban entrepreneurs. Two years later I decided to take a step forward and launched my own brand, Cousley&Company, providing consulting and mentoring services to both urban entrepreneurs and startups. However, I wanted to reach as many people as possible and in order to do so, I recently became the co-founder of MasterMynder, an online company that creates workshops and consulting sessions to new and existing businesses.
  • I love building and growing, and entrepreneurship gives me a place to do both. There were many successes and great lessons but also failures and harder defeats to swallow. However, by failing I have learned important lessons that made me be who I am today. I have learned throughout this journey the value of hard work and giving back. These experiences with different projects as well as my tireless energy fueled my passion to help people and solve problems. Moreover, it has given me an outside-the-box approach to entrepreneurship that has helped my clients collectively start and grow successful new businesses. There is only one way to success: hard work. But most of the time, it gets easier by sharing the burden and letting someone help us. Let’s do this!